Suggestion to assist in usability of All Hands Mode

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Opened by:Steven Pletsch
Opened on:Monday, March 23, 2009 - 16:07
Last modified:Tuesday, August 23, 2011 - 20:33

After trying a couple of times, it appears that while the all hands mode is a great idea, the usability of the puzzles is a extremely limited by their lack of flexibility. What seems to result is a few people spending unreasonable amounts of time to make marginal improvements.

I would like to suggest a solution which I think would make this mode a fun and feasible means to provide better solutions:

Rather than having your own solution to the puzzle as the default, I would suggest to start over with the original solution everyone began from. Essentially treating this as a new fold.

Rather than simply being able to load the best solutions, I would suggest only being able to load them as a guide, or to open them in the gallery mode where you can view the solution but any changes are not recorded.

When opening the solutions box, I think it would be good to see two lists of solutions: last run bests which would be static bests from the previous puzzle, and current bests which would be dynamic and update every couple hours from the top solutions currently running. All would only be able to be loaded as a guide or a gallery.

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All hands gone. Closing.


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