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The FAQ mentions intro puzzles to get you started but I don't see them anywhere.

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Getting Started Walkthrough

Start by downloading and installing Foldit.

Foldit Windows Download Foldit Mac Download Foldit Linux Download

Once you get the game running and you are logged in,
you will be automatically started in the first intro puzzle.

If not, you may see a menu like this:

Foldit Main Menu

The one on the left is Intro Puzzles. Click on it to see this menu:

Foldit Intro Puzzle Menu

If you select the first level and click play, you should see this screen:

Foldit First Intro Puzzle

There will be instructions in-game to guide you through the puzzles.
If you need extra help, try the FAQ, or ask experienced players in chat.

There are currently sixteen intro puzzles in Foldit. Here is the last one:

Foldit Last Intro Puzzle

Once you finish this puzzle, you'll probably want to try out the Science Puzzles,
where your folding can actually help us learn more about proteins!

Here is an example of a science puzzle, Grand Challenge 11b:

Foldit Science Puzzle

In the science puzzles, there is no limit to the score you can reach.
Instead, you are competing with other Foldit players for the highest score.

You might also like to join a group, so you may share solutions and
work together to reach a higher score in the science puzzles.

Don't hesitate to ask questions in chat or on the forum if you get stuck or want to know more.

Good luck and happy folding! :) We look forward to seeing you in the game.

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getting back to them

Yes, I did all that and got through the first 2 levels up to Backbone Packing, but had to stop for the night. That was yesterday. Now I can't find the introductory puzzles again. Do I have to download the entire app again? That seems ridiculous. Please help!!!

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Here's the key thing to remember:

Here's the key thing to remember:
Double-click on the Foldit icon on your Desktop to start.

Then you should see this screen, after logging in to the game:

Foldit Main Menu

Click on the "Intro Puzzles" button on the left to go to the puzzle selection screen.

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Good morning from Tucson. I

Good morning from Tucson. I work in a school district and some of the student computers are not getting the Fold It icon on their desktop, or by clicking on the Windows button on the bottom left of their screen. Are there any other access points to the intro games besides the fold-it icon?


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Where to find the Foldit executable?

When you installed Foldit, it asked in what directory you wanted to install Foldit.
On my Windows machines, I installed Foldit in directories like C:\Foldit\Foldit.exe.
If you can find the Foldit.exe file, you can click on it to start Foldit.
To make life easier later, you can make a shortcut to Foldit.exe
and move the shortcut to you desktop.

Does that help?


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