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I would like to have the ability to move the Menu on the lower left Corner of my Monitor to another Position.

In these Days, the aspect Ration of many Computer Monitors seem to change from normal Format to Widescreen Format. thus i guess we might want to have a Function that lets us just drag any of the In-Game-Frames on the Game Window to another Position. Be it the Menu, or the Chat Frame or even the Group or Soloist/Evolver Score Frame.

That said, to have the maximum "Playing Area" available I would like to be able to move the Menu from the lower left Corner to e.g. the left Side of the Monitor, the Icons should be arranged vertically, one under another. Also i would like to have the Group and Soloist/Evolver Score Frames arranged on the top-right Corner of the Game Windows but not underneath, i would arrange them right beside each other. the Score-Box should also be flexible.

So i would have a little more height available because personally i like it having kinda quadratic "playing Area" available rather than the rectangular that i have now.

(I hope my English is good enough to present my Suggestion in an understandable way.)

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Thanks for the suggestion, your explanation is very clear. :)

I agree that the lower left menu should be movable. Our current system does not easily allow for such a change, however, so I can't say how long it would take for us to implement this feature. It would be very difficult to do.

But this is a good time to suggest changes like that. We are currently rethinking our approach to the interface and controls in Foldit, so now is probably a better time than any to bring up ideas for new approaches.

If you'd like more details on what changes are confirmed and what is just my own speculation, please see my explanation here.

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Sometimes I wish that I could just rewrite Foldit's GUI system from scratch. :P If I had been on the team from the beginning, you know the interface would already have this stuff built in...

But yeah, I'll be pushing for this as long as they keep listening to me. :)

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Has there already been talked about this Topic? Or is it completely out of Scope?

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I'm also curious about it.
Noticed the tendency to widescreen on new laptops,too.

If I had free choice, I would move the complete content on the right (chat, puzzle and buddy informations) to an extra window (like chat clients), and move the menu tabs below to the right in vertical order.
Of yourse, the camera symbol to make snapshots should stay in main windows.

The separation of game and chat/info display into two windows would have three advantages:
1.: Chat and other messages can have their own CPU thread, like a standalone IRC chat client.
2.: Even in new GUI, which has the menu on the left vertically, sometimes you get this many tools popping up below that they get overlapped by chat/information tabs, and this would prevent it.
3.: having two separate windows, you can decide if you want the "chat" window to be completely minimized or being left or right from the game window, and its content will never collide or overlap with the game's objects.

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Could look like this:


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