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Opened by:Steven Pletsch
Opened on:Tuesday, March 17, 2009 - 16:55
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How about a button under options that reads <Purge Cache> or <Clear Cache>

that would delete the old .pdb and .ir_* files greater than 15 or 30 days old on a machine.

Perhaps it should pop up a warning that you will not be able to view your solutions to expired puzzles greater than that age, and an are you sure <Yes> <Cancel> dialog box before actually doing it.

In practice, clearing these out significantly increases the speed of the client when navigating menus and such.

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Assigning to me.

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Another thought in this direction, if the deletion of these files is not desired ....

Perhaps instead of deleting them, you can make a subdirectory in the folder, and when a puzzle is no longer active, move it into an "_old" folder. This way the old files do not have to be indexed each time, but if a person chooses to click the "show expired puzzles" option it can still pull the index from the subdirectory. Perhaps modifying the text to  "show expired puzzles (slow)"

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bump for comment will this speed things up?

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And bump again.
Keep best solution and manual saves, trash all the rest (or give us option what should be purged).
Foldit directory is growing... :)

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Until there is a way to get old puzzles from the web site (hint!), I don't think .pdb files should be removed.


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