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Not sure how difficult it would be, but I would like to propose a "composite view"

I have been occasionally using ctrl-shift-v mode to fine tune structures, and help visualize the protein, however it often becomes difficult to differentiate sidechains from backbone, or distinct regions from one another.

Please see the attached image for the proposition, it is the ctrl-shift-m mode superimposed on the ctrl-shift-v mode with partial transparency.

The image gives the idea, but I'm not sure how well it would implement, I would like to be able to still distinctly see the features of the ctrl-shift-v mode, but with an overly of ctrl-shift-m mode.. probably more transparent than the sample image.

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OK, I got rushed and posted too soon

No edit, so some correction:

NOT biochem issue (wrong category)
NOT ctrl-shift-m, should read ctrl-shift-s mode superimposed on ctrl-shift-v
NOT priority 3, more like a 1

Sorry I hit post too soon meant to hit preview.

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