Suggestion: For reporting strange circumstances/bugs via game state submission

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At different times it seems that Foldit is not appreciating the setup it see. It may be my imagination in some cases, in others not. Reporting the situation is of lillte value as there is not way for the developers to reproduce it.

A real example might help to illustrate the point.

I have segements frozen and do a local wiggle, The visual display shows that segements outside the locked zone are wiggling. So it appears that Foldit is not appreciating a freeze on a segment.

Provide a mechanism for capturing a screen shot and a game state, maybe as a zipped file, in a logical place with a logical name, so that it can be included as an attachment to a feedback entry. Note that this file should not be readable by other folders so that no advantage can be gained by looking at active puzzle sumbissions.

This submission could then be run in Foldit by the developers to reproduce/investigate the problem.

The act of preparing the submission might ask for a description of the problem, to be included in the submission.

Maybe a direct submission via the web would be a better UI.

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screen shots implemented

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