All Hands scoring ?

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Are the All hands puzzled being scored?

127 All Hands finished today, and it just disappeared off the puzzle list.

With no scoring, why are we even bothering ??

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for an explanation

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That says the All Hands are going to be scored like the regular puzzles.

So where is 127 All Hands?  It was pulled from when it closed, and doesn't show up in the puzzle list, and there do not seem to be any scores posted for it on the solo or team pages.

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127: All Hands is just puzzle 127, and shows up under the closed puzzles in the order it first appeared on the site.

All of the All-Hands score views on the site have been enabled, i.e. player pages, player listings, puzzle pages.

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"All Hands" scoring not updated

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Looks like all hands scoring for 127 has been updated. Still waiting for 128, but it just finished yesterday.


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