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There needs to be an entry for "All Hands" in Wiki. The topic should include:

1. Motivation
2. Mechaniics: The basic process of participating. In particular how one's "evolved' entry becomes public. It is a mystery to me when and how the sharing occurs. In particular during a folding session as one becomes the top entry when is the list updated with a share?

The description should be clear if the available choices are different for users in a group vs. unassociated users. As an unassociated user the user's knowledge about sharing is nonexistent.
3. Strategies & Tataics: Strategies for evolving a finisshed puzzle. Tactics for selecting an entry to work on.

As I'm writing this a realize there should also be a wiki entry for Groups:

1. Motivation
2. Mechanics
3. Strategies and Tacics are covered.

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My point is raising the issue is that I don't understand how/when the shared entry is made available. It would seem in this case the developers are the ones to document the feature as they wrote the code.

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Jas, the motivation for all-hands mode is that the skill of all the players in the game combined is sure to be greater than that of the individual groups and users, possibly much more so. Therefore to get even better structures, we have made a mode where everyone can collaborate on the puzzle.

The mechanics of it are quite simple. Initially, the top solutions of the top 3 groups and of the top 3 ungrouped players are made public. Players can then work on these, and every 2 hours, the best solutions, as before, are made public again; the process repeats itself until the puzzle closes.

Anjen, I reverted your edit to Mojo because you twisted a workmanlike definition that had been there for half a year or a year into a personal tirade on terms. You have a tendency to argue established terms, witness your long arguing about hydrophobic or homophobic (without, at the same time, calling yourself a paedophile, or objecting to the terms Sahara Desert or Mississippi River).

I hope this is enough to go on for any interested player(s) to write Wiki entries. As such, I will close the issue now, although if you have further questions, please don't hesitate to open a new entry or message me.

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This feedback issue has been closed, so I may as well reply. I think any disinterested observer looking at your edits to the Mojo page (under your "xiando" alias) will reach a similar conclusion. Incidentally, my name is "Barbero".


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