Create Named Anchor points to attach bands + center of mass anchor point

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One approach I use is to add multiple bands all pointing toward the "middle" of the protein. Given perspective issues that takes a lot of adustments to get them all positioned correctly.

If I could add an anchor point then the bands would attach to it the same way the connect to the protein.

If I could have foldit add an anchor point at the center of mass that would be even more helpful. If this point coould be movable that would be good as well.

Related Macro Language thought:
In a related matter I have been thinking how one would express the operation of adding a band that is "away" from the protein.

Mabye creating an named anchor could more easily allow band attachement. One could then modify the anchor point without needing to adjust all the bands that are added to it. For example"

Create AnchorI @ (don't know how the address would be expressed)
Connect band(seg 27,AnchorI)
connect band(seg 92,AnchorI)

Then if I want to move the anchor point I don't need to adjust the connect lines.

AnchorCM could be the center of mass anchor point.

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band to centre implemented
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