"My page" does not appear

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When I click on the "My page" link, It takes me to a screen with the banner and the dotted line and the "Supported by" information on it, but nothing else.

This is  a topic for the issue that icecubey1971 was reporting in the news item "Profile System Upgrade"

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Profile system upgrade
We are in the process of upgrading our profile system. This change means that your edited profiles will not show up on your homepage or the player listing until we finish the upgrade, which will be a few days. You can still edit the profile fields, but your changes will only show up once the upgrade is complete.

(Fri, 02/20/2009 - 23:00

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This is not a general occurrence, if you go to Madde's profile page (easiest one to get to, #1 evolver)  You will see an example of the problem.  I do not believe that the description in that news items describes the effect that has occurred.  It may be a result of the profile upgrade, but if so I believe it was unexpected.

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there are users where it works (Mike Cassady and Steven Pletsch) and some where it not works (as me, thats because I thought it wasn't done yet)

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I would appreciate it if someone  would indicate how long the profile update is likely to take, if this is indeed related to the update.

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I, too, would like to be given some idea how long the PROFILE update will go. At minimum, would you please indicate when it is finished.
I am unable to find out what my current score is, which is disappointing. Also, I am unable to find out what my IRC KEY is so I can chat in my GROUP chat page, which also does not work.
Mine has been unavailable for over a week. :-(

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I am sorry for the delay in responding. I have flu at home, but I think I will be back this Monday.

The profile system upgrade was actually completed on the night of the same day it has begun. Such incidents as mentioned above are isolated problems, not general occurrences, which is why I was not aware of them until this entry. I will address the problem immediately when I am in and update you when it is fixed. I should add that I have no problem accessing your profile, icecubey, so it would be nice if you could send me a screenshot of your browser on your page (when you do so, please create a new feedback tracker entry, as you currently can't attach a file to an existing entry).

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sorry to hear you're sick admin. Get well soon.

By the way, my profile page has been gone all this time as well.
I figured I'd add myself to the list as "incident" and "isolated problem" are not words I would choose for such a common problem.
Oh, and I cannot view icecubey's page either....I don't know how you are able to "access his profile"? Are you using a regular computer that is not connected to the foldit database in other ways than ours?...his page looks the same to me as all the other missing pages.

just a quicky, copied and paste part of the evolver list for easy reference:

#1 Madde 1 40 2624    ...NOT visible
#2 Mike Cassidy 2 18 2064            ...visible
#3 g_s 3 3 2038            ...visible
#4 TheGUmmer 4 81 1809            ...visible
#5 MattSaffell 5 36 1711            ...visible
#6 setiman 6 238 1697     ...NOT visible
#7 barbaranne 7 208 1694     ...NOT visible
#8 firejuggler 8 76 1670            ...visible
#9 spvincent 9 23 1654            ...visible
#10 dejerpha 10 7 1645            ...visible
#11 Deniz_Akcay 11 72 1622            ...visible
#12 mat747 12 113 1610    ...NOT visible
#13 sirenbrian 13 39 1454            ...visible
#14 Nicky666 14 16 1415    ....NOT visible

With "not visible" I mean it takes me to an empty page as described in the initial post.

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exactly the same visible/not visible, and it doesn't depend on browser, checked that.

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Thank you; this has now been fixed.

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I just wanted to give you positive confirmation that mine, at least, now works.
Thanks for fixing this.


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