A few GUI suggestions, bugs and feature requests

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just a few ideas and bugs that I've found :)

- Double-clicking to freeze/unfreeze a structure shows two "Frozen"/"Unfrozen" popups (for each click one)

- The windows "Group Competition" and "Soloist Competition" are rectangles, while every other window is round at the corners

- Hovering over a point in the undo graph should show a tooltip with the specific action that has been done at that point, e.g. "Shake", "Local wiggle", etc.. and perhaps also the score at that point
- Make the undo graph scrollable, don't delete the points at the left end
- Highlight the "Very Best" and "Recent Best" undo points in the graph with special colors

- Rearrange the items in the menu to: "Open/Share Solutions", "Save Solution", "Save Screenshot", "Puzzle Menu", "General Options", "Save and Exit"

- Add a full stop to the tooltip of the "Save Screenshot" button and to the "No new puzzles" message, when refreshing the puzzle list ;)
- The tooltip of the "Note Mode" button sounds strange to me: "Attach notes to parts of ?the? protein."

- The animation of the little status window in the upper-left, for example when starting or stopping a wiggle, shows a white 1 pixel line at the top
- When starting a local shake, a local wiggle, a tweak or a rebuild, the status window still shows "Pull Mode" and in some cases "Stop Pull" instead of "Stop rebuild" etc..

- Click on "Show expired puzzles" in the puzzle selection dialog, scroll down to the end of the list, then hide expired puzzles again. The puzzle items appear in the middle of the list instead of at the top.

- Replace the red X in the upper-right of the "Note Box" with a "Clear" button and a "OK" button. Perhaps the same small button as it appears in the new balloons with hints in the training puzzles.

- Show buttons as disabled (grayed out) when no item is selected (instead of showing "No .. selected" messages): buttons in the "Buddies Settings" dialog, "Buddy Profile" button in the "Buddies Panel", "Ignore" and "Challenge" in the "Duels" dialog

- Make the competition windows resizable like the chat windows
- Make sure windows don't collide if resized (click on the slider of a chat window, move cursor down to the bottom of the screen, then up)

- When starting a rebuild show an extra window with all generated backbone candidates and their score instead of filling up the undo history. Clicking on any candidate should show it so they can be easily compared.
- Rebuild would be much more useful if it automatically (locally/globally?) shaked sidechains and (locally/globally?) wiggled the protein for each candidate. If the resulting score is higher than the current best it could apply the move, otherwise reject it. Thus rebuild would work completely automatically and rebuild candidates in the undo history (or the extra window mentioned above) would be unnecessary.

Thanks in advance! :)

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I've been looking through your suggested changes to see which I can start implementing. These are all good ideas. The only one I'd disagree with is the choice of rearranging the items in the menu. For new players, it is important to put the "Puzzle Menu" button on the far left, and the "General Options" close to that, as they are the most frequently used and most important for new players.

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Okay. Thank you! I can live with the current menu button order. :)

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Selection interface covers that one. Closing.


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