Can't delete account

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I cannot delete my account.

FAQ suggests:
Q: How do I delete my account?
A: Go to your homepage, click Edit Settings, then scroll down and press Delete.

There is no 'Delete' button.

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I had disabled account deletion due to the possibility of site content being deleted when accounts were deleted. I have now re-enabled the functionality and you will be able to delete your account.


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Brilliant, thanks.

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Should be closed.

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Sorry, I don't find the button "delete"

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I'd like to delete my account too

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Sorry for the lack of response. As Bruno suggested in 2014, there is no "delete" button, even though it's still mentioned as the very last entry in the FAQ.

As an alternative, on "My Page", under Options -> Edit, you can change your user name and email address to something unrecognizable. I haven't tried this, but I suspect there might be a verification step involving the new email. If so, you might use a temporary address that some services provide.

I'll also ask the Foldit team to take a look. It's not clear to me why the delete button disappeared.

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Sorry for the delayed response.

Try heading to "My Page", then go to the "edit" section on the top right hand side. Scroll down to the bottom and hit the "delete" button. This *should* do the trick but if it doesn't please let me know.

I am able to go through this process but that could just be because I am an admin and have access to more. If you cannot, I'll address this with the team and fix it ASAP.

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I looked at "My Page", and there's no delete button. (Only "delete picture".) I think this feature is available only to admins.


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