'a' does not restore best in new version

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Opened by:Brad Taylor
Opened on:Thursday, February 19, 2009 - 03:26
Last modified:Tuesday, February 24, 2009 - 22:31

Hopefully this is an oversight, as I'm now very used to it. CtrlB still works

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I didn't see this entry when I also requested restoring Hot Key "A" yesterday. I thought that the reason for getting rid of it was due to complaints from people who mistakenly hit "A" after doing a great deal of work in a rebuild or some such. So I suggest that they restore hot key "A" to its previous functionality and also add UNDO HOT KEY "A" so that if someone accidently hits it they can reverse the mistake.

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just fyi, the missing "a" hotkey was a freak accident, something is said about it here

I'm hoping to see it back soon, I miss my a! :)

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This should be restored in the newest update.

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thanks Seth


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