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Opened on:Sunday, February 15, 2009 - 15:02
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- Please explain exactly what we have to do in order to get our solves submitted. I see a glitch here. (I read this word in another topic...)

- I would like to know the history of a solve. All solves for that matter... E.g. Original 9200 - Player1 9230 - Player2 9236 - Player1 9255, etc.

- In order to decide which one to evolve I would like to compare the current offers visually. I have no constructive suggestion on this, maybe someone could help me out, please?

- In relation to the previous two issues, the tree structure of evolution would be nice as a visualization, with the option to load branches considered dead end, and the visual comparison.


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I would like up to 4 different tiled solutions to compare (with synchronized views and zoom) and the ability to copy a part of a solution and paste it to another. You could use the freeze tool to mark the part which to copy as seen in the upper right window of my sample picture:

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Since the All Hands puzzle is my first team effort, I am not familiar with how this is all to work. So I'm confused and still don't understand what is to happen. The little blurb said puzzle solutions would be updated every two hours. They have not been. I thought since I was in top five I would see my solution there. I did not. I tried to upload my solution but am only able to do so in a personal way for myself. So I don't see what is supposed to happen.

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Not seeing any of the top scoring solutions.

Does this require the folder to manually upload a solution for it to be considered? I'm not clear on that aspect of this new feature.

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Even after Admin came back to work today and supposedly fixed some things from yesterday's outage, there are still only 2 low scoring solutions available, one at 9359 and one at 9363. the top scores are way above those levels.

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Just a comment that the high-scoring solutions now are correctly made public every 2 hours, but the other suggestions still stand.

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No more all-hands. Closing.


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