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The "New Best" feature can be used to avoid an annoying problem that occurs after sctructure changes:

New Best provide a nice fix.

Problem: Have new high, change structure and do wiggle for lower score; reset the high score undoes structure changes.

New High Solution:
After changing the structure set "New Best". This now preservse the structure changes and avoids the problem.


By the way maybe adding a few forum case types for:
1. "FoldIt hint"
2. "FoldIt question"
or some such would be a good idea to permit users to share their technigues and new users to ask questions and read prior questions and hints.

For the ambitious these ideas and questions could be organized after a time and wiki'd.


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This was implemented a while back. We also have a Question case type; a hint is not needed as it can go on the wiki for advanced folders to read up on. The feedback tracker is not really the place for user-to-user comments.


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