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First, good job squashing the "R" crash!


This is a strong impression and may be a misinterpretation but...

I think the remove of bands should occur at the instant one type R. My impression is the the momentum of the wiggle, or rather the queue of undisplayed events, continues to display. Not until these quesed display events are processed is the effect of the "R" taken into account.

I think a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) behavior would be more appropriate. It would seem that ifr "R" was implemented to do the equivalent of Stop-R-W this would be better implementation.

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stop the process, clear the bands, and continue?

The hot-band removal feature was originally conceived (by me btw) to clear the bands during the wiggle, not to stop the wiggle, clear the bands, and restart the wiggle. Perhaps you'd like to suggest a NEW feature.

To be clear and avoid any misunderstanding, as the originator of the idea, I am quite intimate with what its intended purpose was, and I received overwhelming agreement from the player community thru discussion in global chat before pushing for it to the developers, just so we're clear that it wasn't some sanctimonious, one-man decision on my part... :) (this last qualification only because it has been recently forwarded by certain individuals competing for attention that I am some sort of self-appointed dictator...)


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I'm not proposing that the visual effect be the same as W-R-W, just the functional effect.

My interpretation is that R during wiggle will remove them visually but the effect of the bands contiues to be displayed for a number of interations. What is the value in that?

Could you explain your goal for the remove or the intention of removing bands during the wiggle other than to have the effect of the absence be immediately reflected in the wiggle?

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Jas, I wasn't aware of the issue that you have reported. sorry for my misunderstanding. I agree, that does pose questions and is a potential bug (of sorts).

Is it possible that otherwise foldit would react "badly" to the discontinuity, that is, do they incrementally remove the bands piecemeal (reduce the band magnitudes then turn them off) or do it in one that meant to be a smoothing effect, like a shock absorber?

or is there a less logical reason or simply oversight? idk...perhaps seth can answer this one himself. I personally don't have the answer.

I *did intend for the band to be deleted from the event immediately, but could easily acccept dithering room for the intermediate values and effect that a discontinuity in the stress map might have upon the protein and the equations governing  their motions, or , if itw has anything to do with it, completing a functional cycle to avoid problems which might initiate an R bug situation...?

IFF there isn't a good reason for having them, I agree... give the user the option to have "instant" change or summarily remove the restriction....

My iffs would be different in a macro based competition, as it would benefit my scripting to have more rather than less controls. I personally will welcome the ability to interact at a more fundamental level. I have many of the skills and will have fun...maybe even rank...who knows.

Jus so the human competition isn't usurped by its enactment....running the same puzzles in a human and a human-asssited computer format Sied-by -side  makes sense to me... but pitting the humans against a bunch of uber-scripts written by other players (especially when quite a few are progammer types who also have scripting skill) and who are allowed to use them to compete head-to-head against non programmers?... well, it's just  a turkey shoot, not only can the computer run 24/7, it can also do thingscontinuously that we just naturally have to take a break from doing.

I do wonder what they are choosing as their base conection..(scripting environment) I would not want to be restricted to working in an ingame editor, although I could see providing a separate opensource (of course) IDE callable from the foldit shell for those without facility of their own.

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closing, apparently no longer a problem and no votes since 2009

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closing, apparently no longer a problem and no votes since 2009


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