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Three points:
1. Clicking on the set recent best does not provide any feedback that it has been set.

2. It might be nice to have the value of the recent best display seomwhere. The best score is on the competition list, but the recent best is not avaialable.

3. Why does restoring best wipe out recent best's value. It makes it difficult to flip between them. One should be able to go back to recent best after restoring to best.

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1. agreed...that was an aspect I may have overlooked in one or more of my posts on the subject over the last 6 months, and I may not have included it with the last...

2. agreed. Oversight on my part o forget to include with the suggestion. I hope they will include this in the next revision

3. this is the nature of a peak hold detector.

let's start with the original "best score" function. Please forgive any details you already know, as I don't know what you do or don't know about peak detectors. I'm not being condescending....

best score monitors and stores the highest score. It compares the current score with the saved value. If that current score is higher than the saved score, it replaces it with that value.

In the same vein, recent best behaves almost identically, except for one detail

recent best can have it's value reset by the user to the current score, regardless of whether it's the highest or the lowest, whereas best (now very best) saves the very highest score and cannot be reset by the user, unless he/she plays games with the files themselves. (note that this topic will not be covered in my reply...)

..Now, having said both the above facts, we put them together....

So... Recent best compares it's saved value to that of current score, bsaed on an initial value SET by the user.

if the user presses restore very best, then the current score is...VERY best. at this point...recent best compare the current value with its stored value and ...replaces it with the very best score.

While technical not one, it can be considered to be a working caveat of the ability to have two best score values. the lower can be overwritten by the higher should it be recalled to the worksheet.
it is the fundamental nature of the underlying compare function.
I hope that explains the issue...It is not really a bug, but a constraint. I knew it would be an
issue from the beginning and have attempted to say it would be throughout the procedure, although I may not have done so at every turn. If you feel misinformed, I apologize...but i don't think there's an efficacious (simple, quick, simple) way to get around it without..well ...making it not efficacious (difficult, drawn out, complex)...If there is, then by all means share it...I'm no stranger to crow, boot soup, or the occasional lunch of my own words and would welcome a simple and elegant solution ;)

FYI if that is your flip between this intermediary and the high score, then it would be advisable to perform a ctrl-z after viewing the best score, then resetting recent best to that value once you are done analyzing the two values if you intend to continue down that path.

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can also be used to augment the process. I would hope you're aware of them by now, but in case you're not, three temporary storage locations are available by using the ctrl-shift-1/2/3 keys to set a restore location marker and ctrl-1/2/3 to restore the puzzle to those locations.

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Undo graph is working good in that case. Closing.


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