Tweak parameters.

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Would that be possible to control the amount of rotation more precisely? Currently even the first step rotating a helix causes too much damage sometime.

And while we're are tweaks... Would that be possible to lock the operation so that we don't have to keep the mouse button pressed for a minute while reversing a sheet? Or I'm just missing an existing feature? If so, please point to the documentation.


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I agree..for instance, I would like to see an input box where I can apply a rotation angle and the app simply rotates it accordingly (to within what ever ability it has incrementally)

it could radically speed up the tweak as well, since if a user chose to, he/she could opt for no display of intermediary values...thus the app would iterate to the rotation without need for continuous redisplay of the intermediary steps and display only the final position. Note I said "opt"

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There is a new tool now to automatically flip a sheet (or a helix if you want to). Use the new straight arrows in the Tweak tool.

I think at one point we tried a Rotate tool that would rotate it freely without rebuilding the connecting loops at every small step, but it would mess up the loops too much to be useful. It is my understanding that the slow speed of rotate is a result of the loop rebuild at every step and is not a graphical or interface choice. In other words, it is not a simple matter of "just" speeding it up.

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In addition to previous post made; I have noticed that with the slow response of tweak, if I start another app on another desktop, tweak seems to try and does "catch up". I can speed up tweak if I start other apps, in the background. With the extra load of other DT's and apps, why would tweak speed up with additional C.P.U. load?


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