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I thought a bit on how to increase fun and competition in the game.

First: How about a league, where the every 50 folders (all-time-score) are together? It's a simple statistical function, but perhaps it's more fun to compete with other folders "in your league". And getting up one league (especially in the "champions league" of the best 50) would be a motivating markstone.

Second: A similar league, but time-oriented. Counted are all puzzles that started in a month (or even a year) so you can win even if you messed up one puzzle.

Third: User-started competition: User A announces a puzzle and a start/end date. Who wants can join. Works on old, closed uzzles (perhaps some people think they could do better than they have). Also useful for training purposes (allow sharing on/off).

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My opinions:

1. As one of the top folders, I for one would not participate in the first proposed system. I find it an exclusive method (one that serves to exclude a large portion of the foldit community) and therefore, contrary to the principle upon which foldit was created, ie, for all. I hope that other top folders feel the same, as an exclusive system could be accidentally bred that further sidelines new players. Personally, I have no need for "more fun" here, as there is enough already to keep me plenty busy. The only ones who probably need "more fun" are those who are new at the game.

2. interesting, but again, I have no time to be playing in this manner and still properly address the current puzzle load, and personally, I do not work best when being rushed. As a top folder, it's not because I can't, but simply because I won't. In my 25 years experience as an engineer, I find that a simple principle applies:

Rush = Sloppy.

3. this suggestions seems a reasonable offshoot of the dueling system, without concomitant award points, although any such work would be of no real value to the project's research and so might not get the kind of attention by more seasoned players that you hope for. For newbies and any others with similar time on their hands, it'd be great.

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1 and 2 are not intended to be an extra, parallel working whatever. (I think "league" is misleading, but I don't find a better word)

1: It is not intended as something exclusive. It is just a statistic. You already have now pages of 50 folders from the current score (Top Soloists).
This "league" is simply a method of comparing folders with approximately same global rank. It's basicly like the "Top Soloist" but based on the last puzzle with +/- rank compared to the one before (if you don't like the "last time 3rd in your league").
As I said in the OP "It's a simple statistical function". Either extra or added to the existing lists.

2. Very similar to 1 compared with "Top Soloist last month". Not the single puzzle is compared, but the monthly standing. Again its basicly more statistics.

And yes, I had mostly the people of lets say rank 50down in mind ^^ They don't have a real comparism to each other. You can perhaps remember the top10, but 20 under and above you? No.

Addition: 4: A history graph with the puzzles on the x-axis and place in puzzle at y would be nice. But there would be a problem with the view, so perhaps the points earned.

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The user-started one sounds the most interesting to me. MochiAds did something similar recently for their Leaderboards API.

In general, I think the highest priority change would be to have a set of puzzles (maybe old puzzles) that can be fun for new players who have just finished the intro puzzles.

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Bump. It is mentioned in another feedback too.
"All time hall of fame" :D


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