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In the beta, restore deletes the history. It should leave the history when used.

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Yes, the history should not be cleared....but I don't see that on my PC. It seems to keep the history just fine (minus any subsequent action and it's own associated contribution via resetting the score to the "rcnt best" marker previously defined)...Are you on Linux or Mac O/S?

However, if I hit ctrl-v (restore very best score) after setting (ctrl-shift-n) or even restoring (ctrl-n) a recent (or new) best, and since a peak hold detector is supposed to store the best value after a reference point is set (technically a floating reset or "set-to-current-value" function), the "recent best" will increment accordingly, so it will now point to that score, and overwriting the recent best originally's a caveat that can't be overcome automatically...

If you need a restore point that is static or immovable, then use ctrl-shift 1/2/3 and and ctrl-1/2/3 to set and restore those points. the set Rcnt Best can then be applied to start from that location.

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I agree as well. This will not be fixed in the current developer preview, but should be in the feedback tracker for future releases.

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