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Opened on:Friday, February 6, 2009 - 13:48
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I've noticed a few odd issues in the feedback tracker that I think need to be remedied...

1. When opening a new case, there are no text controls available (bold/underline.etc.). Only when replying do these controls seem to "come online", and then only when either previewing or editing.

2. Once opened for editing, all reply formatting of the original message seems to get lost, (one long run-on sentence) and it becomes unclear as to whether a sentence has breaks or other formatting or not, making it somewhat more difficult to edit.

3. (more of a suggestion rather than bug, but related)... When a feedback tracker article has been appended by a user or developer, there is no indicator that shows the content has been updated. It would be nice if there was some sort of "flag" in the tracker issue description table that shows whether someone had added material to a given issue. a "new column with indicator "*" might do the trick, or use of a (small) graphical "new" icon if not a system drag...

thank you

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this is a test

Yes., I was correct in my original content...just checking, as since I thought maybe I was confused.

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1 and 2 should be fixed.

I don't think 3's very important, as the relevant people get emails. So I'll close this issue for now, but feel free to reopen (3) if you disagree.

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you mean I should be getting emails when topics are updated?

I had no idea...I must have turned off a notification flag


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