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from xiando:

OS: Win XP, 32-bit, SP3 current patches applied.
Machine: PC: Intel Dual Core 1.86GHz, Mem:2G

If I flip a side chain and then hit wiggle , spacebar almost always loses focus and does not respond until I click on white space first. No error in log.txt


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just thought I would verify that this is not a one person error.

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I haven't been able to reproduce this one yet. I've tried wiggling with W, the button, and the local pie menu, after a number of different actions, but spacebar stops it every time. Is there some specific puzzle or set of steps to cause this?

EDIT: Wiggle may not stop immediately, but the button should change to say "Stopping..."

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Okay, found a bug that would cause the game to periodically lose the keyboard focus. That is likely the source of this, and it should be fixed.

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Update was released; marking as resolved.


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