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Was thinking it would be helpful to have a couple of additional queues for identifying problem areas.

One though that came to mind, was perhaps an option box in the view menu for the points breakdown that is available in note mode.

For implementation, perhaps placing a few stripes down the backbone. I'm thinking perhaps 3 stripes 120 degrees apart, so that they can be seen from any angle. These stripes would then correspond to the options chosen in the view menu, and would change color much like the current color scheme changes from red to green, but perhaps a subtler, but contrasting color from the backbone.

This way, you can check the box that says Backbone Naturalness for example, and easily identify areas of the backbone where several segments in a row have a low naturalness score, and focus on that area for reworking.. or the same for other options such as atom distance, sidechain naturalness, etc...

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Additional note:

For helices it could be a stripe on the inside, and the outside, and for sheets, a stripe down the middle on each side..

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I think it would be nice to have more visual filters like you mention. I wonder if the upcoming Inventory system would make this sort of thing easy to add.

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