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The following is a list of enhancements to the user interface which would make using the programme significantly easier. I have attached a Graphic showing some of the ideas.

1) Provide a simple graphics menu allowing the user to alter the backround of the screen to black ,and switch off the flashing effect when wiggling sections. (The current set up is particularly straining on the eye)

2) Foldit uses 100% of my processor time even when doing nothing. provide an option to hybernate these background processes and allow me to use my computer to do other things without having to close down the programme.

3) Allow users to input the base cut off of the Graph (see graphic). Currently the graph plots all movements down to zero, which means continual resetting when dragging the proteins to create clashes. Allow me to set the base level of the graph to any value I want (lets say 40 points below where my current score is) and then plot line segments that drop below that threshhold as dotted lines on the graph for example.

4) Provide a simple camera position storage system so that I can create a camera in any position in the 3D model and go back to it when I want. (In other words store different views in a small database and allow me to name them and go back to them)

5) Provide a tool to isolate sections of the protein which, when selected, renders all other sections invisible. This is surely just a matter of adding a column to the database labelled "visible" 1/0 and checking this entry prior to rendering ?

6)Give me a clean screen option. A simple keyboard command which removes everything from the screen except the protein.

7) Provide an option to plot UVW axiis on the screen so that I can get back to certain positions more easily.

8) As part of the display options, allow wireframe mode so that those with slower systems can still access the more complex puzzles.

9)Allow a colour coding option (in addition to relative scoring mode) which shows score relative to best saved protein so that when adjsutments are made, the loss areas from your best score to date are highlighted.

10) BUFFER THE SCORING SYSTEM ! (see graphic)
Add a buffer to the scoring system so that there are two numerical displays and two best saved protein files. The live score is fed into the buffer, which only updates the high score when the buffer surpasses the high value.
Then allow the user to select between high score and buffer score....the point being that when you are working on a new configuration of the protein, the score will always be lower than the high score, and there is no way to "restore to best" on the reformed shape. This drives you bonkers, since many of the scoring manipulations can go up and down within one alteration, and it is not possible to catch the peak value. The buffer would solve this problem and would be quite simple to programme.

Allow the user to record macros that can be repeated to take out the repetition in the work. A simple macro might be

LOCAL WIGGLE 24 UNTIL TIME (taken from macro recording)

I am sure that macro recording would be very well received from the players.

Thats the lot...hope it's of use.

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...on the subject of the score buffer, there would have to be a button which would allow the buffer to be reset to zero so that when the player has 'buffer' selected and presses the 'A' key then the protein can reset to 'best buffer autosave'. When the player has 'high score' selected and presses 'A', then the protein resets to "best autosave".

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Development has already begun on the macro language, if I'm not mistaken.

Not sure when the other ideas will be implemented, but I'd certainly like to see them in the game.

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Lua scripting. Done.


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