Mileposted Segement Score Delta Color Display

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Often the score jumps after a gross adjustment and it is difficult to tell where the points came frome. Also often on backbone walks there are portions that seem to provide far more points, on multiple occasions. Knowing where the points are coming from would be helpful.

Possible solution:
It would be great if one could display a view of the backbone colored by the total point change. The red for higher and blue for lower or somesuch.

There would be two views of value:
1. gross point delta from the start to the current position
2. delta between mileposts, typically between current position and previous milepost position.

Milepost annotaion:
Some way of setting mileposts for the delta display would be needed. A comment with the milepost, as well as the point gain, would permit some sort of annoated play by play mechanism, describing the operations taken for the score change.

I'm not sure of the overall value of this display, but I think it could provide helpful feedback. It would be interesting to see.

The annotation mechanism would also permit expert folders to share their process via milepost listings, as well as permitting folders to record and review there own process.

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I think I understand your first idea, but I'm not sure what you're talking about when you say "mileposts".

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Each user notated milepost is assigned a number and given a description. For example

1::after shake:wiggle
2::after cross bands;W:R;W;S
7:: 4 segment rebuild of #1 end
12::Chain walk 4 wide
13:: pull;w;s;w

Then one could get the total point delta provide from one milepost to another for example

delta 7->12 would display the point delta gains since the completion of the 4 segment rebuild of #1 end

This would permit annoataion of the process for review as well as sharing. If coordinated with the event log then investigation of the specicif operations would be permitted.

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Kind of "log" what we do and what it impacts on score would be cool.
Not a graphics i undo, but "real" log, ie:

timestamp: shake : +1
ts: pull 17 : -9999
ts: wiggle : +500


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