Add a search function to the feedback tracker.

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There is a bug I need to report, but I think it may have been reported already. I really don't want to wade through twelve pages of suggestions and reports to make sure.

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admin, can you do this easily?

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I just spent about 15 minutes searching for a prior bug report that seems to have disappeared as the bug reoccurred. A search function would have eliminated this waste of time. Thank you for considering this.

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I can usually google most things on the website if I include in the search, but I didn't see ZeddicusZulZorrandr's previous suggestion for a search feature in the results... so an integrated feedback search may be needed, and would be greatly appreciated :)

An option to sort by date created in addition to the current last updated option may also be useful. Having both dates sortable on the main feedback list can help show what are old and recent issues, and allow users to hopefully find their feedback if they have an idea when they posted it.

or i'm over thinking things... and there would be simpler way to just show on a user's page any feedback posts they have opened?

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I've written a new view of the feedback tracker, and this incorporates search among other things.


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