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I found that during rebuild the orientation of the side chains may change. This suggests, that they also have various allowed positions, like side chains do. Currently we have no tool to adjust this feature of a segment directly. It would be great if we can do it.

Almost like the tweak tool for a sheet, without changing the adjacent loop segments as well.


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There are 2 ways to get a segment to rotate:

1) lock off the segment and the 2 adjacent segments, so you have a 3 segment section locked off with the sidechain you want to rotate in the middle. Place a band from the sidechain to the area you want it to move to and rebuild the section, once it's in a desireable location, try to wiggle and shake it out.

2) Look at the adjacent sidechains, if the sidechain in question is to be on the opposite side of the sidechain adjacent to it, convert those 2 segments to a sheet, and use the tweak tool to strighten them, this will force them to opposite sides of each other, then rotate and wiggle shake to get it to take. If the sidechain needs to be on the same side as an adjacent sidechain use a helix instead of a sheet. You can tweak a 2 segment sheet/helix this way to usually get them where you want them. If it distorts surrounding areas too much, convert the entire rest of the puzzle to loops so that the backbone will spin freely without binding during the tweak, you can then move large areas back to the previous configurations and wiggle/shake it out.

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Now, as I bake my bread the hard way in China, I'd like to have an easy way to rotate a segment, if possible, please. ;-)

I think the developers should find a way to have an open source approach to their problem while retaining the actual SOLUTIONS, just to make life easy...

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Yes, why only sheets and helices? it seems a grand waste of effort to have to change things into and out of being a sheet or helix in order to perform a single-element rotation. I understand the *ability to use a sheet or helix while doing a rotation or straighten operation, but its mandatory nature is puzzling >> for rotations

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we need "manual rebuild" tool :)


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