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Thought it might be a fun addition, if perhaps when you first log in, at the top left there could be a window pop down with a "concept of the week" where it would explain a theory, or present a definition and information about a sidechain, or structure, or type of protein, or a general rule to follow while folding, etc..

Perhaps even combine the idea with different puzzles, such as presenting an all beta puzzle where the sheets are out of order and presenting with it a concept displaying common beta sheet structural motifs.

Another might be to introduce a puzzle with helices in disarray and explain what amino acids contribute to good helix forming and which do not, perhaps something simple like an all helices puzzle that would not be solved well without breaking a helix into two helices and a loop, perhaps one could be found that is easily distinguishable by prolines at each end of the loop.

I think this would be a fun way to raise the educational value of FoldIt, and give players new knowledge which they can use to try experimenting with other puzzles. Of course it would also be nice, if they could be added to a "tutorial of higher learning", so that new players coming into the game, can go back later and learn these concepts as well.

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Cool idea. I second that.
In fact, I`m still not sure which aas are good for structure :) Only proline always hates me ;]

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Very cool idea! Something that would have its own place in the Wiki so that it could be reviewed. Some "Folding - 201" info beyond what the tutorials would be a slick thing. I would understand the reticence to "poison" the folding community by presenting too much information as to preclude a bit of exploration but some basic knowledge would help. I think that stimulating the curiosity of the players to "find out more" would actually benefit both the devs and the players. The "downside" would be the additional workload of the devs for creating ond reviewing the posts prior to releasing the info but I suspect that it would "pay off in spades".

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I like this idea a lot.

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great idea!


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