Logarithmic display of Undo window

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Title says it all.


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That would mean you are less able to see small differences especially in the high points. (and its overall harder with loga).

I really see no benefit in it.

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I didn't define the proper function (the number of these functions is unlimited in anyway), but what i'd like to achieve is higher resolution of the undo window at the higher range of points.

Let's suppose my best score is 9000.
It has no information for me whether the current score after a nudge is somewhere near 0 or 8000, so this should be considered almost he same level in the undo window, as they represent almost the same value.

And now we can argue, whether my wording of "logarithmic display" is appropriate or not. Not appropriate. :)

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closing, apparently no longer a problem and no votes since 2009


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