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Void fraction is a problem that has been picking at me for a while.

Ever since Insulin mutant (i believe), in which rebuild was used in alpha form to create a silly solution of a single long helix, I have suspected that there might be some information missing in the present implementation of foldit that could serve to increase ability to "see" whether we're on the right track with a given solution.

I propose the addition of a VOID score, in which the amount of "void" is measured and presented in numeric form as an augment to the visualization presently implemented.

I expect that the void numbers are already there, as the score is (or must be) based on total occupied volume vs constituent residue volumes. If so, then it's display would be a rather simple addition, instead of a complex change to the program.

The graphic void view is effective to some degree for this purpose, but it has a certain "concrete" lacking for at least some of the more veteran players, and I hypothesize for most players once they are accustomed to the need for additional info.

Intuition is not blind. it is the _unconscious_ use of a wide variety of information sources to achieve a solution, ie, quantum thinking or intuitive problem solving. (as opposed to the last pages of a textbook in which the answers are given...)In my opinion, to force blinders is to fundamentally hinder intuition.

What do others think about this idea for a numeric void score? (please no tertiary requests for other functions or redefinition....just stick to the topic at hand)

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I can't hurt. More informatio is useful.

However, in at least one case I had a confirguration with a lower score but appeared to have fewer voids with less bubble volume. So it that is the case the information would be potentially useful but not always directly correlated to the score.

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yeah, that's true. I'm not sure about the number in terms of an
absolute metric, but more so in terms of clarity. The bubbles are not
accurate at all and can mislead one into thinking things have more or
less void than they do in reality. The number serves to solidify that
information and give a broader picture to the mind's eye.

though some might prefer to have them showing, other may benefit from
their exclusion whilst still being able to monitor there magnitude...

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I'm afraid I cannot consider this a priority 1 issue. It is an interesting suggestion though.

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Sorry, I didn't even realize I had marked as priority 1...Yes, it isn't
a high priority issue of course, theoretically easy, but not

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I deleted the contained information, as I no longer desire to share my ideas and suggestions with the foldit pseudo-science game...

You had no right to restore this post or any of my others that you have restored. Not the first time, nor this last time.

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Information about voids can be really useful in some scripts.


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