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After viewing a few of the puzzle videos I am left wanting more, more videos, more views, more rapid feedback loop.

I think there is a tremendous learning potential from watching videos of a solution. Here are a few suggestions and wish list items:

1. Provide 2 views at least:
a. View with sidechains showing. This view is very cluttered for appreciating the backbone changes.
b. View with only sidechain conflicts showing. This would provide a clear view of the backbone metamorphasis.

2. Provide full view of protein, zoomed appropriately. Puzzle 102 was zoomed in too close.

3. Provide the videos as soon as possible after the puzzle closes to permit review while the protein is still fresh in the minds of the competitors.

4. Peek a boo view of the differences of group vs soloists, and group vs group might be revealing as well.

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Wish list items:

5. Instead of video provide a playback mechanism within foldit to permit replaying the changes. This may not be possible but would permit veiw changes, with or without sidechains, relative color, etc., as well as and perspective changes, and rewind.

6. If replay within foldit were available it would be an excellent feature during puzzle solution, permitting replay of the users solution. This would provide potentially valuable clues as to backbone movement direction. Note unlimited undo/redo might be a poor man's implementation of this.

7. Latsly some way of knowing what operation(s) cause the transisiton would be instructive. "How did she/he do that?" would be very informative. As an example doing a:
"equatorial band wrap" ->
wiggle ->
remove bands ->
shake ->
can occassionaly provide a significant score increase. Seeing the score jump in a video and not knowing what operations caused the jump is not nearly as informative as knowing how the jump was accomplished.

I'm not sure if there is a practical way of provinding this, as showing the whole video would be tedious and time consuming.

One approach: provide frame numbers on the video and access to a complete move transcript with frame number references would permit this level of detailed inspection. Kind of like boxers doing film work after a bout, learning new moves frame by frame and incorporating these into their aresenal.

I expect this level of detailed inspection is part of the research. Providing it to the user community could greatly accelerate the skills of the Foldit player community.

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In thinking about it I expect the score, to 3 decimal places, is as good as a frame number in a move transcript.

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Looks like we have all view options described.


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