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Two quick questions.

I installed FoldIt on a second PC, which is faster than my primary PC. (Um... yeah. I *am* too lazy to migrate seven years of data, game files, and my Apophysis art. :-) ) However, it seems I have to go through the training puzzles again. Is this normal? (Primary PC is XP, secondary is Vista x64.)

Also, are the puzzles the same on the three clients, or would I see different puzzles if I install the Linux client?

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No the puzzles are stored on

No the puzzles are stored on the pc it that it is made into.

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Two answers

1. The "need" (or really suggestion, one need never "have to" do the intro levels) for doing the intro levels is based on locally stored information,not server based information. Therefore, when you install on a second PC, it will assume you have not done the intros. No biggie. Ignore and move to science puzzles if you have already completed the introductory levels, which simple seek to help the new user become acquainted with the program and learn the basics

2. The puzzles are identical on all three supported platforms, although the file structure may or may not be slightly different due to platform issues on the MAC and PC versions.


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