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The joy I felt in finding a game where i could actually visuallise my favorite proteins without having to go into a trance!
All my favorites.. pork , beef, the occasional piscaen, and and a naughty arachnid or snake. Too good to be true, thought I in October of '08.  But now?
It seems that a recent upgrade has produced acute problems for folders using the VISTA OS. When asked, Admin briefly explained that the XP OS was in fact the OS of choice for Windows users, as VISTA, although the latest OS on the market for PC users, is not what it is cracked up to be. Having requested many times to be heard by the supreme overlords at the illustrious BAKER LAB, my quest to fold has ended in embarrasement by acccidentaly posting my query on the ROSETTA@Home forum, which produced a few laughs internationally.
So now I gently wallow in my rum and eggnog dreaming of a time  when this FOLDIN fanatic can again attain free energy nirvana by bashing macromolecules in a half hazzard fashion.
This would be the place for VISTA users to unite and cry the blues into thier toddys and hope someone, anyone other than ET is listening

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Hi Hugh, We'll be taking a

Hi Hugh,

We'll be taking a look at the Vista issue after the developers' holidays are over.


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I am running it on Vista.

I am running it on Vista. Other than the few major updates' glitches it is running without hangs and crashes.

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Vista works fine for me

I am not having any trouble on my vista.

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Disable UAC in Vista before installing

Make sure User Account Control is off before installing anything. If not, UAC can/will block certain components from installing and you tend to find out when you don't want to or have the time.

To disable:
go to Control Panel
Select User Accounts
Once page opens, click Turn on or Off User Account Control (text link)
Grant permission if UAC is on
Remove check mark for User Account Control
Install your Program

If you need to, turn on UAC once done

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I'm using Vista...

Fold.it and Vista work fine for me. That being said, I have disabled a bunch of annoying features, such as UAC as mentioned above.

Interestingly enough, Fold.it didn't want to work on my XP machine... probably because it's a 5-year-old laptop moreso than anything.

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The Vista User Account Control is known for blocking games, especially Mods to games.

If I did it understand correctly, then installing the program outside of the "normal" folder (programs, program files or whatever it is called) may solve the problems even without deactivating the UAC.
Could be worth a try.

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That also works for limited accounts

Stick it in your own folder - MyDocuments works well for the purpose, though you may well put it in your "Application Data" folder.  This works well for limited (i.e. non-superuser) accounts, as nothing is installed outside the folder, actually!


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