Suggestion/Question: exaggerate movement mode or show voided and occupied spaces

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Problem: Often the visual difference between two positions is very difficult to detect. Ctrl-Z <--> Ctrl-B does not reveal what is moving/changing.

1. Would it be possible to, in exaggerate movement mode, 1exaggerate the movement between states, to make if clearer as to what is moving and in what direction?


2. Have a view and just show the vacated regions as solid a color and the occupied regions as another solid color and the protein not at all? And totgle between this view and he normal view?

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What if, when you undid a move, a snapshot of the old protein view is silhouetted in black over (or behind) the new view and fades out over a few seconds? Would that help?

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After posting I realized this is a more complicated problem. Often the difference between Ctrl-B and Ctrl-Z is not only a "shape" change but a major rotation. marking the difference then provide an information overload.

It would seem in this case "aligning" a coulple reference points to eliminate the rotation would solve the problem, and provide a nice silhouette, but I expect the "alignment" is no small task.

Maybe the peekaboo mode is just such a presentation! Displaying the Best vs the Last in peekaboo mode might do the trick.

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Guide can be aligned to selected part of protein. Done.


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