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Opened on:Monday, December 22, 2008 - 10:33
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after some indeterminate time has elapsed, my score fails to update to the webpage. As a result, my score continues to climb but it is not recorded, nor, I assume, are the intermediary steps it took getting there.

I'm not sure why it happens, but it becomes particularily bothersome as the puzzle approach expiration, since I have to log out and log back every time I want to update my score.

In the off chance it has to do with my firewall software, can you provide me with network details for the data streams and requests, including the port #s used and protocols (http, udp, ICMP, etc so that I can minimize the possibility of problems on my end by ensuring that those ports/etc are open for at all times.

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You have recently revealed that you are using a firewall to intentionally block Foldit traffic from reaching our servers. In light of this, it is none too surprising that you have been having issues reporting scores. I am only surprised that you would have posted such a spurious issue in the first place.

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Spurious? lol. The reported issue had nothing to do with intentionally blocking any content. This issue occurred not as a result of intentionally blocking the acccess, but regardless. As long as my firewall was active, your ICMP requests are blocked. That was the cause.

Regarding my intentional blocking, that came about as a direct result of the incompetence that resulted in a glaring lapse of your network security, and which subsequently allowed users with a criminal bent to issue CTCP commands that caused a targeted user's game to crash. As you well know, since I reported the CTCP exploit error that was until then being kept secret by the player that uses the3 screenname "csohad" and others to you, and your team had to delay release of the November update to resolve the incompetence.

You forget that I keep too keep logs of our conversations Mr Barberos.

Try another spurious allegation Mr Barberos.


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