Suggestion:Bands - improve feedback on band status

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Opened by:jas0501
Opened on:Friday, December 19, 2008 - 21:03
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1. Are there any bands present?

There are times when an accidental band is created and obscured by the protein. Not knowing a band is present is potenially misleading. I know the Actions menu shows that bands are present by activating the "Remove bands", however I think having a more pronounced indication would be in order.

Maybe changing the background to another off white color.


2. Did I disable that band?

When disabling a band there is no indication it is disabled. I think changing the color or the hue to indicate enable/diable status would be helpful.


While I'm at it I'll lobby for "enable all/disable all" bands again. It would be a nice feature addition. See
100-50 Feature Request: Enable/Disable all bands

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In general, I agree. The bands can often be mis-applied when trying to a residue, and this can lead to problems in a subsequent wiggle.

It would be nice if the internal portion of a band were to change color substantially or some other indicator were present that clearly announced the embedded band.

admittedly, there are times when the player wants the band embedded. I would not want, for instance, have them automatically removed, but it would be helpful to know they are there...

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Disabled bands should definitely be colored differently.

Maybe there should be a counter displaying the current number of active bands? That could solve the issue of invisible bands messing up your wiggles.

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Not a bad idea. Hopefully other players are taking the time to read these so the changes don't come unexpectedly to their dis-satisfaction...I wouldn't want To push for a change that makes it more difficult for other players to use the tools. However, in the case of a counter, as long as it's not taking up large amounts of real-estate, it should not cause anyone a problem...

it conceivably could be added right into the score window, as it need not be large...

Comments players?

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A counter is okay, however there are 3 counts,
total bands,
active bands,
inactive bands

where total = active + inactive.

I would also prefer a background color change when active bands are present. This would provide immediate feedback with a misapplied lock action added an invisible band as well as inform one that the active wiggle has bands present.

Releated to this would be a change to either add band or set lock, as the midddle-click overloading is what causes some of the band issues.. Granted changing way things works is an ugly solution. I don't have a suggestion, but adding another mouse method for one of the tow would permit users to learn a method that avoid the accidental band creation.

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Lua function according to bands in progress.

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We can now check that band is enabled/disabled. V2 LUA.


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