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Hi mates! First, I want to say that I'm really glad to take part in this gret project.
But I have a problem: Fold It can't recognise my username and password, so I can't play on-line. I check is several times and are correct.

Don't seems a connection problem, cause I can update the game and databases.

Someone knows what could be the problem?

Thanks ; )

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What OS are you using to play Foldit?
You need to tell us about your computer.

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I'm playing on Windows XP.

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Is it possible

That your ISP is blocking access or your firewall settings are blocking the net traffic?

Also, while I expect the next idea may be wrong, since you're able to post to the website, did you reply to the welcome message sent by the foldit team after you joined? Not doing so will block your ability to lo into the game.

Best of luck.


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