Local wiggle score handling

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Opened on:Tuesday, December 16, 2008 - 02:33
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The purpose of using local wiggle definitely is increasing points. When there is a point drop during local wiggle we have to undo the last step (ctrl-Z) or restore the best. I prefer undo because the locks remain intact, while restoring the best may take us somewhere else.

The suggestion is: when there is no point increase during a local wiggle, do an undo immediately.

This would make walking the backbone much more easy, while programming it only a few lines of code.


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The suggestion is: when there is no point increase during a local wiggle, do an undo immediately, otherwise do a Restore best.

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When you explore a different overall structure, you usually accept a lower score while you get that change organized. If local wiggle did an automatic restore-best, it would become useless in this situation (unless, of course, the other suggestion about providing a "recent best" were implemented).

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autofunctions are not good at strategy ;)

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I prefer it as it is, as the negative transitions give me valuable information.

I hope that the development team, should they enact this change, will make the "feature" a user selection for isolated wiggle, rather than a mandatory alteration to its method of operation.

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I've noticed that often the score drop during local wiggle is caused by a short band, sometime an accidental one. The tug-of-war during this type of jumpy wiggle can provide a valuable jump to a new high, often after removing the band.

The above suggestion would not permit this type of discovery. I'd vote for leaving it as is.

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LWS script in LUA can handle that. Done.


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