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Hello folders,

We are making the Foldit Developer Preview available to all of you. Through the Preview, you can try out the features we will be rolling out in our updates ahead of time, practise new tools, play with new features, and let us know what you think about the quality of the upcoming update before it goes live.

To avoid unfairness, you will not be able to play regular puzzles. There are some puzzles set aside just for trying out the Preview with some proteins.

To try out the Preview, you have to make a small change in your Foldit directory, which is described in the FAQ.

Happy folding,

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The FAQ link in the post

The FAQ link in the post gives a "Page not found" error.

And WHERE exactly is the preview available?

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FAQ NavBar

Just click the FAQ in the menu it is half way down the page on how to set it up.

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I fixed the link.

I fixed the link.

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Is there a list included

Is there a list included with these previews of what is different/changed, or are we supposed to try to find out for ourselves?

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