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Dear folders,

This is the place where we will describe some of the outcomes and results of your folding work, provide a glimpse of the future challenges, and developments, and in general give you a better sense of where we are and where the foldit hopes to go in the future.

Today, I'd like to draw your attention to the evolution videos that we will be creating for each finished puzzle.  The videos show how best performing group has evolved the protein to it's final state.  The individual contributor of each improvement is displayed at the bottom.  The duration of each individual transformation is proportional to the amount of score change.  We fould these videos very useful, and we hope that the will be particularly useful for players looking for intuition and strategy that would lead to higher scores.  You can find them on most older puzzle pages (for example see the Turkey puzzle).  There is a also a video link on the puzzle list page http://fold.it/portal/puzzles?page=1.  Currently there is only one video per puzzle, but over time we will have videos for the top 3 groups and top 3 solo solutions.

Let us know what you think by posting comments below.

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Just yesterday I was searching for a blog like this with Google. I'd especially like to hear about how global optimization techniques are improved by applying what you have learned from studying the game results.

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Hi goatlover,

the short answer is we don't know yet, but hopefully we will soon.  See my blog post about the New Grand Challenge.

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RSS feed?

This developers blog is a fine idea.

I suggest you investigate plugging in an RSS feed so that we can be informed of new postings.

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good idea.

good idea.

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