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Create statistics of the folding:

- How long time?
- How many shakes, moves, pulls, side chain flips, rebuilds, restores, resets, tweaks, etc. ?

Make it public!

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I have stats of Registration and Time Played, as well as how many players get through each intro level. I don't think we have stats of each tool use, but I could ask admin about it. How were you thinking those stats would help you?

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If, for nothing else, you would know how much time we spend with folding, and you can multiply it with our hourly rate and calculate the donated value to science.

But seriously: It may give feedback of developers about how useful a tool is. How many players used them, how many times, how much score they achieved in which stage of the puzzle. This would give some hints that, for example, I almost never use local shake.

As I understood from your response you thought of GLOBAL statistics. I don't care much of that. I was talking about individual player and puzzle statistics.

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Set details.

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I think it might be encouraging if there was some sort of progress bar to mark how near you are to completing achievements such as professional mover.

That would be one statistic that I would think is easy enough to display since it is already recorded. (Although I don't know much about programming, so I could be wrong.)

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"Start folding" in user profile and achievements (total number of moves) details can be checked. Done.


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