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The strength of the pull is not adjustable, and currently too strong for fine adjustments. During the end-game the pull destroys the structure and if the mojo is not the best any pull is useless.

It would be great if the strength of the pull can be adjusted.

Also, the pull currently moves the grabbed segment of the backbone towards the cursor, however not on a linear path, but a trajectory that determined by the internal modeling rules.

It would be perfect, if during pull the modeling rules are turned off, and the validity check happens ONLY at the first wiggle. Let it explode then!

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Some good ideas. There is probably some reason why modeling rules shouldn't be turned off during the pull, but I'll ask about it. These would all be especially great when we get the inventory system in. I'm thinking that should be my priority for January (the inventory system)...

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Set details.

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Bump. Great idea. Sometimes it is impossible to pull only some part not killing score even when surrounds are frozen. Also sometimes pull is moving in totally different direction I want (mostly sideways).


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