Audio during local wiggle with score going up vs down

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I noticed a new sound during wiggle.  It got me thinking that it would be cool if if sounded different when a local wiggle was going up rather than down. This would mean I don't have to scan the score or undo chart visually to know when to stop wiggling

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Yes, I like that idea. So, only local wiggle? Would it be useful for global wiggle too?

One thing I've got planned is to add in the music files we have lying around so Foldit will finally have some real background music. I think the first update of this effort, which should happen within a few weeks, would have music that doesn't respond to the game state. Then for the next update, perhaps a little less than a week after the first, I'd like to make the music actually change in response to game state, and hopefully I can include your suggestion then.

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Set details.

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We have undo graph to manage that, not all players have audio enabled. Closing.


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