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Under Vista bug after 2-4 minutes
Under Umbutu bug after 2-4 minutes

Please come back to the old version

It's not possible to play

In french
Sous vista bug après 2-4 minutes
Pareil sous Umbutu.
Revenez à la version précédente, tant que ces bugs ne seront pas corrigés.
Il n'est plus possible de jouer.

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Not responding XP SP3

I am using XP SP3.
Over the last week or so, Foldit has started to freeze. I have to close it and then open the application again, but it keeps freezing. It freezes about every 5 or 10 minutes, and when I start work on another protein I sometimes can go to my best score (just back to where I was last perhaps).

I un-installed it and then re-installed foldit but this did not fix the problem. The system seems perfectly stable and I am not experiencing any other issues, so I expect the problem is with the foldit code.

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I think the program would

I think the program would benefit from more member testing before each update.

I would gladly try out a planned release from time to time (preferably if there was a way to roll back) if it could help the development team identify such major issues.

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3 new -

- un-documented updates in the last two days.

Any one or all of them *could* be an improvement.

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bugs and not

Nice debugging chaps and esses.
Not one lock up last night.


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