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Is there anyone who worked on 'fold it' (or not for that matter!) who understands the data collated from its use (or anything to do with its conception/construction/intention) who would be interested in discussing the possibilities of a pure (none profit) online interactive digital audio project (using the same algorithms)? This project aims to increase data for use in research and raise awareness of how the public can contribute to research, and of course make an interesting piece of online interactive audio art.
I am an internationally recognised audio artist who is interested in combining science and art and have a resum'e that spans the past 25 years. I am confident this project will attract funding from the arts council to cover costs/pay for peoples time ( maybe the scientific community gives out such research/development grants too?).
If your in the slightest bit intruiged by this and would like more info then please contact:

This may seem like some crackpot scheme but I am genuinely serious and as an artist I know that madcap dreams can become reality!

Thanks for your time.


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