New Update

We have posted a new update today!  This update includes:

-Awards:  Users have now been given points to use on awards to assist you in your folding.  You will notice a new tab on your toolbar at the bottom of the screen labeled awards.  Awards you may choose from include the following:

    Oracle:  This award helps you find out the areas in your protein that need the most adjustment.  It does this by comparing your protein to the protein of one of the top current solutions.  It then highlights the parts that are furthest off and makes the rest of the protein transparent.  This effect will last for 2 minutes and costs 1 award point.

    Peekaboo:  This award helps you see how the top players are folding their proteins.  Using it loads one of the top solutions as a guide for you for two minutes.  Use this valuable insight to decide what pieces of the protein you need to move, and where they should go.  The guide will slowly fade out over 2 minutes, and costs you 2 award points.

We have given all users 5 points to use at their discretion, and you can keep track of your points on the award tab in game.  Use these points wisely!  In the future, we have plans to allow you to "duel" fellow folders in order to earn more award points, and we may hand more out to everyone if we see fit.  Note that because these awards rely on the solutions of the top folders, it may take some time before these solutions are uploaded and the awards are ready to use. 

-Quick Saves:  This will allow you to store up to three save slots for each puzzle, and for each type of play, evolver or soloist.  The controls to use these are Ctrl+Shift+1,2, or 3 to save to a slot, and Ctrl+1,2, or 3 to recall the slot.  Use this ability to hang onto promising paths for your protein as you explore other options.

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