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Each of the previous CASP puzzles hinted at them being the last, yet we seem to still be getting a few.

Is this still a valid target?
Are these refinements?

The latest version seems to be the highest yielding so far, however the beta sheets seem to be very twisted. What are the chances of getting a crack at it without constraints ?

Thank you :)

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we thought it was done too

but then they extended the competition further.  We decided to post the puzzles until the competition is finally over.

The constraints mean that biochemists are pretty sure that that part of the protein is correct.  we're all at the conference this week, but we'll try to post a more relaxed version.  The scoring function has also changed a bit since last weekend to be slightly more accurate, so you might be feeling that difference.

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thank you for the prompt

thank you for the prompt reply.

I don't doubt the correctness of the constraints, but with the twists in the sheets, it would be nice to be able to work with it and not have 100 red lines pulling it together, while trying to straigthen and align it. Perhaps a feature to disable and enable constraints at some point would be helpful instead. :).



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