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For those of you interested in the genetic code I can warmly recommend the diagram presented by Ben Fry, who by the way is a name you would want to look into if you are interested in bioinformatics and stuff!


For those of you who have little or no knowledge on genetics, I can tell you Fry's diagram is genious.

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Click the links

Be sure to click through to the links at the above site. 

The genetic code, and sequences of Amino Acids in general, cannot just occur in random order. There is a finite number of possible next pieces for each amino acid. You could think of it as a community, where some people will never be found standing next to specific other people. And it appears the interactive diagram shows you dynamically what the possible next componets are, as you go through.

Note: it says to press delete to backup. I had to press backspace on my Windows machine.


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