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In a revisit of the fiasco around the "rebuild" tool that was available only to a limited pool of users, it appears that 'admin' is repeating this with favored players again.

From IRC posted by Jwb52z : I'm going to tell you all something
Admin has apparently taken to asking me and a few other night owl players to try out new features before anyone else knows about them

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It's not preferential treatment!

It's simply a fact that when certain things were worked on and implemented by Admin for the website that I and a few people on my team were the only ones signed in and playing. Why is it so awful that Admin picks certain people for certain things when he believes he can trust them from past experience?

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Actually, it's not even that. When I add features, I post about them to the chat. Due to my schedule, this typically happens in the middle of the night, US time, and most of our players are from the US. Hence only a few regulars are typically active at that time, so they hear about it first. There are no favoured players or groups.


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