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These are times of frustration for many of us due to constant crashes and I personally feel a bit left out when it comes to finding information on things like server status, new score system and so on.

I suggest that there in "About" is added the latest news on for instance scores, where it is easy to find (and not somewhere in the forums where it disappears in the blink of an eye) and where the newcomers might look for it in the first place. Saves a lot of time and vexation for everyone.

And as a general suggestion I urge the admin to inform on "all possible things" in writing, as many of the players are not online when he pays a visit, as rumours develop fast and as it is time-consuming for those who happened to be online to recite that info again.

So, please, one post per topic in a place that is logical and easy to find, and you'll see the climate will improve a bit both in the forums and the chats.

And maybe it would be a good idea to remove bad-spirited comments from the forums at some point, because I for instance feel no urge to go there and be affected by all that negativity again. It is okay to debate things, but in my opinion a certain degree of maturity would do well in that mix... In the end it is supposed to be fun to play this game, right!

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Posting quidelines

The forums need a set of posting guidelines. And moderators need to enforce them. Suggest using BOINC projects as a model. The posting page shows the guidelines or link to them, so noone can honestly say they've never seen any. And someone then had to enforce those guidelines. The BOINC projects use vounteer moderators that have basic controls over what posts remain. Support for moderators etc. probably requires some coding to implement, but then the BOINC stuff is all open source, perhaps you can make some use of it here.

Without moderation, the guidelines mean nothing.

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yes, that is the direction we will be going.  we didn't need to do this unitl recently, but the community has gotten large enough that we need to establish clearer guidelines for posting and moderation.

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Could the research team

Could the research team inform the players when server work is scheduled? It was really disappointing not to be able to fold at all yesterday on a Sunday, prime folding time. Thank you in advance.


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